Most Effective Lifestyle Choices to Maximize Long-Term Health

Most Effective Lifestyle Choices to Maximize Long-Term Health

The physical aspects that contribute to your long term health have pretty much been discussed in the other answers. But your biological health and your levels of fitness are only components of a youthful longevity. The mental, social, spiritual and environmental components can be of significant importance.

Life purpose: Studies of centranarians shows that the longest loved amongst us share in this characteristic. They have a reason to get up every day. Find yours and stay focused on it.

Family: Stay connected to family. Resolve conflicts and forgive past disagreements. Being right matters much less as your age.

Be active: Exercising in a traditional sense is imporant but not necessarily the only way to remain relatively fit. Remember that most centenarians have never been to a Gold’s, 24 Hour Fitness or Plant Fitness, yet they have remained physical through random day to day movement via gardening, walking, playing with grandchildren, walking a pet, etc. Just keep moving.

Social: We are social creatures by design. Our species has survived evolution by finding security in groups. Get out and interact with others. Talk to your neighbors. Say hello to strangers. Open doors for people. Say thank you when someone does something nice for you. Don’t be judgemental. Allow for differences of opinion.

Relax: Inflammation has been linked to just about every know disease of aging, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Stress produces low grade chronic inflammation. Avoid it. Let go of things. Don’t stress over the little things. Learn to relax.

Spirituality: Studies show that long lived people share in some connection to something larger than their physical being. Not necessarily in a religious sense, but some emotional connections with their environment, as if they recognize a spiritual connection with something outside of their physical existence.

Intellectual: Never stop learning. Constantly learning something new stimulates the brain. Consider it exercise to maintain brain fitness.

It essence live a balanced life, stay active, interact with people, hold family close, being right is not as important as being happy, take time to “smell the roses”, eat real food, challenge yourself to learn something new always.

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