The Health Department Investigates Two Maternal Deaths at South Shore Hospital

The state Public Health Department is evaluating the deaths of two women at the South Shore hospital soon after giving birth, said Anne Roach, agency spokeswoman on Tuesday.

The hospital is busy conducting its own reviews of the maternal deaths that occurred on December 14 and last Wednesday, while the doctors at the hospital continued to deliver babies. The state Health Department spokeswoman stated that she won’t be able to provide any sort of details about the two recent deaths as the enquiry was still in progress.  

The deaths of women right after child birth or during the labor are uncommon, yet it continued to happen. In a 10 year period, which ended in 2017, 52 maternal deaths were reported in Massachusetts.

Colleen A. Celia, 32, a mother of four kids, died last Wednesday while giving birth to a healthy baby girl at South Shore Hospital, said Raymond Romero of Easton, Celia’s father.

The family was told that Celia died of an amniotic fluid embolism, which is a very rare condition that happens when amniotic fluid or material from the fetus, such as hair, enters the maternal bloodstream.

Romero said, “Obviously, it is a traumatic event for the whole family.’’ He also said that the hospital extended great care.

Celia’s father said that Celia had three children aged 14, 9 and 6 before meeting Paul Celia, her husband. They both married last spring.

Romero said, “Her life was her children. They wanted to have a child together, so they didn’t want to wait too long. Everyone will remember her spontaneous laughter and big smile. She was a very pretty girl. It was hard to miss her when she walked into the room.’’

Colleen Celia’s mother-in-law, Cindy Celia said that the medical staff of the hospital tried really hard for about two hours to save Celia’s life. The family, she said, is having hard and difficult time coping with her death.

She also said, “Colleen was a super special woman. She used to have a tattoo on her arm that said ‘move’. It meant move forward, never look back.’’

The other woman identified by the Brockton Enterprise as Christie Billodeau Fazio, 30, of Marshfield, who died during the child birth worked as a nurse at the South Shore hospital and died on 14th December. She died while giving birth to a healthy son.  

Sarah Darcy, spokeswoman for the Weymouth hospital said, “Early indications are that both these cases were unpreventable and unanticipated. The biggest measure we are really focused on is supporting these families and making sure they have everything they need or want from us.’’

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