Marijuana Oil Packed E-Cigarettes Getting Popular in Colorado

Electronic cigarettes, which are odorless but yet offer the same fun and enjoyment as that of tobacco cigarettes and Marijuana pots, are getting popular in Colorado.

Just after a week of the release of marijuana, folks have come up with great ideas to elongate their weed dollars and the law. Electronic cigarettes might be working great in New York City but in the land where pot is legal now, they impart a discreet way to break rules in the most economical manner.

Bob Richmond’s, 39 E-cig was not just designed for containing the synthetic nicotine; instead it was designed for highly concentrated marijuana oil. He said, “A more intense high than just smoking pot.” Richmond also stated that this odorless pot smoking device makes it convenient to light it up even in public places.

Richmond also added – “It’s also very discreet; I can walk around Wal-Mart and pull it out for a few puffs and nobody notices.”

Pot-based electronic cigarettes, which are like herb that can be smoked, can be used privately in Colorado. Selling of weed oil cartridges is also now legal in the state.

Cannabis fans also said that these electronic cigarettes let people take advantage of the law’s loophole that determines the amount of weed a single person can buy.

A visitor in the state can buy around a quarter ounce of fresh marijuana in a single purchase, which is a good quantity to keep him high for a few days but the Marijuana oil concentrates are being sold in cartridges that are sold in hundreds of milligrams.

These concentrated marijuana oil cartridges are so strong that they can easily last for weeks. So, folks can consider buying dozens of cartridges, which can keep him high for months together.

An employee of the Evergreen Apothecary, Connor, who gave only his first name, to protect his identity, stated – “I hit it all day, every day, and one cartridge lasts for a couple of weeks quite easily. I tried going back to regular pot and it tasted terrible, like a cigarette!”

Ralph Morgan, co-founder of O-pen Vape stated – “Electronic vaporizers have become a wild trend in the market.” However, the same holds true for the marijuana edibles like candies and brownies, which have long-lasting and much powerful effect when compared to smoking a joint.

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